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Member or Model?

It appears that there is some confusion on the roles on this site.  I’ve had numerous men sign up as models when it is apparent that they are here to find women who smoke.  Let’s recap what the different memberships are for:

A Smoking Fetish Model

  • A smoker who is using the site to promote his or her smoking services and materials.
  • Has a completed and enticing Smoking Fetish Model Profile set up.
  • Has one or more profile pictures to attract the members.
  • Has a list of what services they are willing to offer.

A Smoking Fetish Agency

  • Is the owner of a website with numerous Smoking Models.
  • Has the ability to sign up and promote as many Smoking Fetish Models as they wish.
  • Maintains the profiles and pictures of each model.

A Regular User

  • Someone who is searching for Smoking Fetish Models.
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