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Smoking Fetish Model Reviews

Smoking Fetish Agency Reviews
  added by  to... for  Miss Silviana on 12 May 2019

absolute perfection

  added by  Cu... for  PheonixDawn on 15 March 2019

I just love it when Ms. Pheonix Dawn smokes long cigarettes, especially the Mores! Thank you so very much!

  added by  Bi... for  PheonixDawn on 14 March 2019

This woman is a smoking Goddess! She is sweet but naughty. She can be very demanding or very understanding. Her inhales and exhales will cause you immense pleasure. Her snaps are fabulous! Her french inhales will leave you wanting more. She understands the fetish and respects it greatly. She knows the history of the many great SF women who came before her. You will not be disappointed with her. She will do everything in her power to fulfill your fantasy.

  added by  Al... for  Itami on 16 February 2019

Super hot! !You’re the standard for beautiful and sexy Smoking.

  added by  Jo... for  Lyra your breathless addiction on 06 February 2019

I love a woman who smokes Virginia slims and all 120s cigs

  added by  Jo... for  Gabi Gee on 06 February 2019

A very beautiful woman in the world

  added by  Jo... for  Itami on 05 February 2019

Very beautiful and gorgeous

  added by  Jo... for  Skylar on 05 February 2019

You are a gorgeous woman alive smoking

  added by  Jo... for  Hailey bug on 05 February 2019

Beautiful and gorgeous Kentucky woman

  added by  Jo... for  Smokingbeauty666 on 05 February 2019

Beautiful and gorgeous

  added by  Jo... for  Poisonivey on 05 February 2019

A beautiful and gorgeous woman who is a smoking goddess

  added by  Di... for  MissLilySmoke on 31 December 2018


  added by  dr... for  Itami on 29 December 2018

She’s gorgeous, and Saratoga’s are an extremely sexy brand. Cork 120s, full flavor and strength.

  added by  Ko... for  Skittlez Cano on 28 November 2018

Skittlez Cano is a top quality Smoking Fetish artist. She has done custom videos and cam shows for me that exceeded my expectations by far. She has a deep understanding of the smoking fetish in all its aspects and facets.
Her smoking style is impeccable. At the young age of 21 she can already look back at almost ten years of smoking and it shows in her capacious unstrained smoking prowess. Her’ style is characterized by long drags extracting enormous volumes of smoke that she devours in powerful snap inhales. An absolute beauty to watch! I have never seen a quintuple pump (five drags in a row without exhaling inbetween them) done with such powerful individual drags, such an enormous intake of smoke as Skittles did in one of her videos. Incredible!
Besides her qualiy smoking Skittles has an amiable personality, is very kind and easy to communicate with.
My highest recommendation for the exacting smoke fetishist!

  added by  pa... for  Smokingbeauty666 on 27 November 2018

very super

  added by  Sp... for  Sylvia on 21 September 2018


  added by  Pa... for  Sylvia on 08 July 2018

What can I say, Silvia is gorgeous and I’d love to meet you someday. I’m in Denver. I’m b1ggie_pauls on IG. Check me out, Silvia. I’d love to do sushi, drink, talk, smoke….

  added by  Fu... for  Theoriginalsmokeyqueen on 16 May 2018

Absolutely spectacular! Drop-dead gorgeous and one of the best smokers I’ve ever seen. She gave me everything I wanted and more! She’s a delight to deal with and her work is magnificent! I look forward to purchasing more customs!

  added by  Ca... for  Miss Silviana on 30 March 2018

She is so sexy when she is smoking. She’s beautiful and turns me on when she smokes. She’s done a custom video for me and a Skype session and I’ve really enjoyed both. I’ll definitely be coming back for more soon. ??

  added by  Tr... for  Theoriginalsmokeyqueen on 30 March 2018

This goddess epitomizes the fetish for me. Every video I’ve bought is custom made to my requests and worth every penny. You’d be hard pressed to find better.

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