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Site Update

Smoking Fetish Chat is proud to announce a site update that has improved the color scheme and functions of our site.

Some changes include:

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  • An Improved Slider which now shows the Model Name and location inside the thumbnail.
  • Improved model profile thumbnails – larger and easier to see.
  • Improved model picture viewer with navigation controls.
  • Improved model video player that automatically cycles through all the videos.
  • New model profile fields for adding social networking links.
  • An enhanced search function.
  • Improved color and layout scheme to make a more pleasing experience for all users.

Smoking Model Promotion

Our sister site https://smokingmodelpromotion.com/ specializes in promoting smoking models. Please take a look at the services that we offer. Female Smoking Models from SmokingFetishChat.Com are eligible for a free promotional video. If interested, contact me at either site with your model name.

Classified Ads

Members and Smoking Fetish Models should utilize the Classified Ads section of the site.

You can post an ad stating what you are looking for or what you are offering.  This will make it easier for the members to connect the Smoking Models that they desire.


Member or Model?

It appears that there is some confusion on the roles on this site.  I’ve had numerous men sign up as models when it is apparent that they are here to find women who smoke.  Let’s recap what the different memberships are for:

A Smoking Fetish Model

  • A smoker who is using the site to promote his or her smoking services and materials.
  • Has a completed and enticing Smoking Fetish Model Profile set up.
  • Has one or more profile pictures to attract the members.
  • Has a list of what services they are willing to offer.

A Smoking Fetish Agency

  • Is the owner of a website with numerous Smoking Models.
  • Has the ability to sign up and promote as many Smoking Fetish Models as they wish.
  • Maintains the profiles and pictures of each model.

A Regular User

  • Someone who is searching for Smoking Fetish Models.

Model Pictures

I have had many new models sign up and never update their profile or add a profile picture.  It is highly unlikely that any of our members are going to contact a model without a profile picture.

If you have not yet uploaded a least one profile picture, please so so.  Otherwise, your model profile will be hidden until you do.



Thanks for joining Smoking Fetish Chat. Good luck with finding your perfect Smoking Fetish Model.

Don’t be afraid to find several favorites and make sure to show them some love.  These models are here to earn a few dollars by promoting their Smoking Fetish material.

Here are some ideas on how you can help your favorite model(s).

  1. Write a positive review for each model you like.
  2. Post a link to the model’s profile on the Social Network sites you are on.
  3. Buy some of their material or services.  Don’t just grab the free stuff they have to offer.
  4. Treat all Models with the respect that they deserve.
  5. Join my Facebook page for site updates and news about new models.


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