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I created this site to provide a service to those with the Smoking Fetish.  With the advance of Social Media Sites, it is apparent that the Smoking Fetish is alive and well.  There are numerous Groups and Pages devoted to the Smoking Fetish where you can find pictures and videos of beautiful people smoking.  Big Smoking Fetish companies as well as ameatuer smoking models are using Social Media for promoting their Smoking Fetish Material.

For someone with the Smoking Fetish, Social Media offers a treasure of Smoking Fetish material for free.  Unfortunately, all this free material makes it harder for those trying to sell their Smoking Fetish material.  People aren’t going to pay for what they can get for free.

Sometimes those with the Smoking Fetish want more.  They will certainly look for Smoking Fetish photos and videos, either paid from the big sites, or free from Social Media.  But they also crave interaction with the Smokers that they desire.  They want to get to know and interact with these smokers.  The purpose of this site is to supply this interaction that those with the Smoking Fetish are looking for.

To maximize your attraction to those with the Smoking Fetish, you need to provide this interaction.  Quality Smoking Pictures and Videos can help but you don’t want to give away material that you can sell.  To provide potential customers with the interaction that they desire, choose one or both of these top methods.

  1. Provide a limited amount of free chat time with them where they can get to know you but leaves them yearning for more.  Once a customer starts feeling a connection with you, they will be much more likely to buy your material.
  2. Attract them with your profile.  If you put enough thought into creating your profile, it can work just as well as free chat time.  Your profile should provide the information that makes the customer think that they know you and your Smoking habit just from reading it.

While I have tried to design the questions and answers of the profile to attract the greatest percentage of those with the Smoking Fetish, some things can be changed.  If you have ideas you can use the Contact Us button at the top of the page or leave suggestions in the Private Facebook Group that you were invited to join.

In order to maximize your profile, you need to understand what drives those with the Smoking Fetish.  To keep it simple, the Smoking Fetish is where somebody is attracted to a person who smokes.  Normally, but not always, this attraction is for someone of the opposite gender and can often be a sexual attraction.

The Smoking Fetish can be as varied as the person who has it.  What turns on one person may not do a thing for someone else.  I’ll cover as many items as possible but always remember that none of them will be true for everybody.  And keep in mind that some items on this list are dark.  If that type of thing bothers you, steer clear of customers that are looking for it.

  1. The Visual Turn On.  This is where the customer is turned on by the sight of a person smoking.  They like seeing the smoker inhale, exhale, light their cigarette, doing tricks, or a combination of these things.
  2. The Physical Turn On.  This is where the customer is turned on by physical sensations such as smelling the smokers breath or tasting the smokers mouth.  Smelling the smoke on a smoker’s skin or in their hair also fits in this category.
  3. The Sexual Turn On.  This one is surely going to make some of you uncomfortable but it is where the customer gets turned on my having sexual activity while smoking.

Now that we’ve covered the basic physical aspects of the Smoking Fetish, let’s talk about some of the psychological aspects.  Unless you intend to play the dangerous game of meeting the customer in real life, this is what you want to concentrate on in your profile.  Most of these aspects are related to bad girl types and heavy addiction.

  1. Age When The Model Started Smoking. This is a turn on for some customers knowing that the smoker was a bad girl at an early age.
  2. Addiction Level Of The Smoker.  Many customers get turned on my knowing that a model is hopelessly addicted to smoking.  Profile questions that address this type of person would be how long it took you to get addicted and how hard it would be for you to quit.
  3. How The Smoker Inhales.  This is a continuation of the customer wanting to know how addicted you are.  How long you drag on your cigarette, how deep you inhale, and how long you hold your smoke would all be important profile questions for this type of customer.
  4. Negative health consequences of smoking.  I will cut this short because I don’t care for this aspect of the Smoking Fetish but some people are turned on by hearing how smoking has negatively harmed the health of a smoker.

This list is far from complete and many with the Smoking Fetish are turned on by more than thing.

After reading about what drives the Smoking Fetish, choosing what you put on your profile should be easy.  My suggestion would be to answer the question with the thought of attracting the customers that you want to deal with.  Be specific in the “About Me” section and “Services Offered” section.  There will be many more customers then there are models so make your profile stand out and you are on your way to success.

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